Jet, Set, Glow: Unwrapping the Secrets of Stress-Free Travel with Repeatabl

Jet, Set, Glow: Unwrapping the Secrets of Stress-Free Travel with Repeatabl

Hey, Travel Community!  Ready to elevate your travel game? Let's talk about the unsung hero of stress-free travel – Repeatabl! 

Pack Easy, Travel Light with Repeatabl!

Gone are the days of the skincare struggle trying to pick and choose which skin care products to take with you when you fly with a carry-on. We all know those quart bags are just too small and it can be a major struggle to pack them properly so you can take more of what you want. Enter Repeatabl, your skincare sidekick designed for the savvy traveler. No more compromise, no more wasted space – just neatly organized, travel-sized perfection! 

Repeatabl solves the common problem of efficiently organizing and carrying skincare products while flying with a carry-on. Many travelers face the dilemma of either leaving behind their favorite beauty products or struggling to fit bulky containers in their luggage and risk getting their products taken away at security checkpoints. Repeatabl offers a game-changing solution by providing a compact and customizable travel system that allows users to bring their preferred skincare products in travel-friendly sizes.

Repeatabl is a revolutionary travel system designed to simplify your skincare routine while traveling. It consists of a tray with six pods that securely hold your favorite skincare products in travel-sized portions, ensuring TSA compliance and organized packing when you just want to fly with a carry-on. Repeatabl comes with a built-in spatula for easy & sanitary product application.

Meet Jenny, the Genius Behind It All

Ever wondered who sparked this skincare revolution? Meet Jenny, the inventor behind Repeatabl Travel Systems. Jenny traveled by air for business as a Business Consultant for many years. She tried all the solutions out there and never found the one that gave her the freedom and flexibility she needed to both fly carry on and show up looking and feeling my best for the job. That’s why she developed Repeatabl Travel Systems!

Products on the market today teach you to believe you need to carry a full 3 oz. of your products no matter how short your trip is. We are here to tell you that isn't true! You don’t need a full 3 oz. of most beauty products to get you through a few days of travel. In fact, taking all that extra product with you is a great way to waste the products you have since most of us never reuse what we put in those big 3 oz bottles anyway.

You might not have ever thought about this, but most women only use 1-2 pumps or a pea sized amount of their favorite product on a daily basis. Filling the pods of the Repetabl Travel system 1/2 way will usually get you 1-3 days of average use. Fill the pod up all the way and you can get 3-5 days of average use. 

Repeatabl is proud to hold two design patents and two utility patents. These patents are a testament to the unique and innovative design of Repeatabl, ensuring that it stands out in the market as a one-of-a-kind product. Check out our how-to video to learn more about how much your Repeatabl Travel System can hold.

Why Repeatabl?

If you prefer to fly with just a carry-on, you know the TSA has rules about the liquids you can bring in your bag. Repeatabl helps you to maximize your carry-on packing potential. Our innovative travel system allows you to organize your skincare essentials in travel-sized pods, leaving you with ample room in your quart-size bag for other travel must-haves.

With Repeatabl, you can bring your preferred beauty essentials without the hassle of bulky containers or the risk of exceeding the liquid limits set by TSA. Make the most of your quart size bag with Repeatabl, the ultimate solution for smart and efficient travel.

What Travelers Are Saying

"This is the answer to my minimalist of packing. I travel a lot for work and I only do carry on. And I carry my skincare and make up in my personal bag so this is so convenient for me." - Digna

"Obsessed with my Repeatabl! It has made my travels seamless and effortless. I am so thankful I found this amazing product that makes zipping through TSA a breeze! It’s also easy to clean up after each trip and prep for the next! Don’t wait another minute- get yours today!" -Tiffany

"This product is amazing between the compact size, ease of use, and ability to carry my skin care system on my flight I am thrilled. I find it also works to take some touch-up makeup with me for those long days in front of clients and speaking gigs. Thanks a bunch!" - GMV

Don't miss out on the game-changing magic of Repeatabl. Snag yours now and travel with ease. Trust us; your future jet-setting self will thank you! 

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