Travel Smart: Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes (With a Little Help from Repeatabl)

Travel Smart: Avoiding Common Travel Mistakes (With a Little Help from Repeatabl)

Today, we're talking about the common mistakes made during travel and how to avoid them. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just getting started, the road is often paved with learning curves. But not to worry, we are turning these mistakes into stepping stones towards a smoother and more enjoyable adventure! 

Lighten Your Load, Lift Your Spirits

A common mistake first time travelers make is packing for every possible scenario and ending up with a suitcase that could rival a small car in weight. There are lots of reasons why we do this, and they all make sense at the time, but once you are actually on your trip you start to realize how all this stuff weighs you down. Easy ways to prevent this include taking a smaller bag so you can't pack as much,  bring clothes you can mix and match and wash on your trip, and remember if you are really in a bind when you get there, you can always purchase something and wear your souvenir home!

It can be difficult to pair down when you want to bring your favorite skin care products because we don't want to sacrifice our skin care routine on the go. With Repeatabl, you don't have to. Repeatabl condenses your skincare routine into a sleek, compact travel system, leaving room for more of your favorite things.

Lost in Translation: Mastering the Art of Communication

Navigating a foreign land without knowing the local language can lead to some fun tales but also considerable stress. Solution? Make the effort and have key phrases handy. Practice the language ahead of time by writing out scenarios and saying them out loud so you get used to it.  As a back up, always download translation apps ahead of time and have them ready for emergencies. 

The Budget Breaker: Planning for Financial Success

It's easy to get swept away in the allure of your travels and overspend. Solution? Plan, budget, and leave room for unexpected delights. Set a daily limit for yourself so you stay on track with your spending each day. You do want to make sure you set aside some extra money in case you find something you love and want to remember the trip by. But make sure to have an idea of your spending each day so you you don't break the bank the first day you get there. 

Ignoring Local Customs: A Crash Course in Cultural Savvy

Every place has its own customs, and not respecting them can turn your dream trip into a cultural faux pas. Research, be aware, and respect local traditions. You can learn a lot from observing and asking hotel concierges or locals. 

Embrace the Adventure, Learn From the Mistakes

Not only do we learn so much about new places when we travel, we also learn a lot about ourselves. After your trip, review what worked for you and what didn't and consider writing it down so you remember for your next trip. Mistakes happen and often nothing goes as planned when we travel, but that does't mean we still can't have a good time! Embrace the mistakes, enjoy the memories and most of all have fun!

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